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First Grade Activities




"All About Us" Unit Closer

Students rotated through the 4 First Grade classrooms, doing activities to culminate their Treasures unit, “All About Us”. Students  participated in hands-on Language Arts, Math, Science, and Cooking activities.  They had a great day!






101st Day Celebration

Students will celebrate the 101st Day of School with a variety of activities dealing with numbers. They will rotate through different stations, including playing games, doing a math project, singing songs, doing an art activity, and a cooking project. They have a great day!






Dr. Seuss Day

Students will begin the day by making Green Eggs and Ham in their classrooms. They will then go through a series of rotations, including, Seuss Fun, Language Arts, Science, and Art. Students will celebrate the life of Dr. Seuss with fun and engaging activities.






Travel Fun Day

Students will culminate their Benchmark unit, “Being A Good Community Member” by "traveling" to different countries and continents. They will take their "suitcases, passports, and boarding passes" as they learn about the culture, language, and clothing of each country.  The students will do a project that is representative of the country they are in, listen to music, and taste some food.  This is a fun and educational way to end their unit of study.